Battle of the Telephone Systems – On-Premise? – Hosted? – Microsoft Teams?

Battle of the Telephone Systems – On-Premise? – Hosted?  – Microsoft Teams?

This is a time of dramatic upheaval in the telephony industry. The questions being asked by users and the claims being made by vendors truly have the industry in turmoil. The one thing that hasn’t changed is that organizations of all sizes need phone systems to run their operations.

Is On-Premise the right choice? Or maybe hosted in the Cloud? How can you best integrate with your business applications and industry leading office applications like Microsoft Teams? Organizations are asking if it is time to make an all or nothing decision or can they move at the pace that best meets their needs.

This is a tough position and we get it!

How do we best support the growing remote workforce? How does an organization make the right communications decision? There are pluses and minuses, costs and savings, benefits and disadvantages. Our goal at LANAIR Technology Group is to assist our clients in determining the best path for their organization and assisting in achieving their goals.

On-Premise Phone System

An on-premise phone system is hardware and software installed at your location and dedicated solely to your organization. The users are connected directly to the on-site central hardware that interfaces with dedicated voice carrier services. Systems are purchased, typically as a capital expenditure, and installed by the vendor partner. Carriers provide voice services that are used by the system to communicate outside the organization. On-going support is provided by the partner and/or the using organization.

On-Premise Advantages

  • System Can Be Personalized and Customized for the Individual Organization
  • Capital Cost with Minimal Annual Support Cost
  • Local Support from LANAIR Technology Group

Hosted/Cloud Phone System

The Hosted or Cloud option is a shared option. The Cloud vendor provides the telephony function through various data centers. The user organization has end points interfacing with the host data center. The carrier services are provided by the Cloud vendor and are not required at individual locations. Support is provided by the Cloud vendor and system upgrades and maintenance are the responsibility of the vendor.

Hosted Advantages

  • Monthly Cost per User versus Capital Expenditure per System
  • Elimination of Carrier Costs and Interface
  • System Owned, Managed and Maintained by Vendor

So, what best meets your needs? LANAIR Technology Group has been working with On-Premise and Cloud systems for many years. We have been a premier On-Site partner with ShoreTel and Mitel. We have evaluated many of the Cloud/Hosted system and have assisted a number of our clients in evaluating and migrating to various Cloud solutions. We look forward to assisting you in evaluating the options and implementing the best solution for your unique environment.

We can create a game plan that is the right plan for you!