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Maximize your business technology’s productivity and ROI with our expert guidance
and professional IT project management skills


Our Services

At LANAIR, we use our proprietary ControlPoint Platform to attend to all your IT needs. We have structured
our services to fulfill our main objective: To help you focus your customers and business outcome.

IT guidance that helps small businesses get more out of their technology

Managing your IT is more than just ensuring day-to-day operations are working fine because your technology needs to scale up or down to meet your needs and goals. Your company vision and your budget for future investments are the deciding factors of your business success but do you have the expertise to choose the right IT solutions to make this happen?

Choose LANAIR as your IT consulting firm and you’ll have IT professionals with decades of experience to help you create a long-term strategy that aligns with your goals. Under our guidance, you’ll clearly be able to account for how your technology will scale up to meet your needs and our team will ensure your IT projects are done on time and within budget.


IT Services from LANAIR provides your Dallas, TX business with:

  • Access to experienced IT technicians – Our team will help you solve your biggest IT problems with cost-effective solutions
  • Clear, strategic plans – We will present our solutions to you as transparently as possible before implementing them
  • Efficient IT project management – Your IT projects will finish on time and achieve its objective under our guidance
  • Goal-based planning – Each of our plans are measurable and we focus on achieving specific goals that are important for your business
  • Premium managed services – We also offer comprehensive Managed IT services that handle all the day-to-day management of your business IT so you can focus on other aspects of your business and leave the technology to us

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Choose LANAIR because we focus on what matters

From our inception, LANAIR group has set out to provide services that help our customers focus on what matters. We will be pragmatic, efficient, and effective in how we design, implement, and manage customized IT solutions that help our clients achieve improved customer experience, better business outcomes, and the maximization of productivity.

As your dedicated technology partner, we intend to meet the needs of your business in an ever-changing environment and keep you ahead of the competition. Our success is measured by maintaining consistent IT uptime, while providing speed and simplicity to your business systems. If you are looking for an IT partner that helps you focus on what matters — choose LANAIR..

Deciding whether to have an in-house IT team or a managed IT services provider (MSP) manage your business IT infrastructure can be difficult. This eBook from LANAIR Group will help you determine which option is best for your company.CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR FREE EBOOK