LANAIR’s white-glove private hosting service offers an alternative to the traditional datacenter without the downsides of Public Cloud!


…The distractions of maintaining your own data center.


Server downtime impacting business operations

Meeting compliance regulations

Rising and unpredictable infrastructure/software costs

Complicated data protection, disaster recovery & business continuity plans

Ongoing training, maintenance, and vendor management

With ControlPoint | COMPUTE you receive:

  • Uptime over 99.9% in SOC certified hosting facilities nationwide
  • Simple & predictable pricing billed monthly
  • Fully managed local backup w/ native add-on options for offsite backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity
  • LANAIR’s Network Operations Center available to provide support around the clock

“The Cloud” may be the answer to all your IT problems, but do you really know what it is?

The concept is simpler than you might think, and it’s thoroughly
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Concerned about Security?

Don’t Be! LANAIR provides a fully managed firewall security service and data at rest encryption!

Concerned about Performance?

Don’t Be! LANAIR has high performance hardware for all workloads and maintains best-in-class latency across all infrastructure!

Concerned about a Learning Curve?

Don’t Be! LANAIR’s Network Support Center is available around the clock and we provide you with orientation for the Self-Service portal!

Concerned about Transparency & Control?

Don’t Be! LANAIR provides reporting and dashboard tools that let you know what’s going on in your environment!

Get a Migration Plan in a Week!


Step 1:

Complete a Complimentary Cloud Assessment


Step 2:

Budgetary Design Review with a LANAIR Solution Architect


Step 3:

Server Migration & Onboarding


What is ControlPoint | COMPUTE?

LANAIR has been providing private cloud hosting services since 2008. The ControlPoint | COMPUTE product was created organically via numerous requests from our clients for an affordable, reliable and simple alternative to major Public Cloud services & building their own datacenters!

What compliance certifications does ControlPoint | COMPUTE hold?


All ControlPoint | COMPUTE regional facilities meeting the following compliance requirements:

  • ISO 27001
  • SOC

How does LANAIR communicate with my IT Team?

You will have access to an online monitoring tool which will publish activity log information for the servers hosted on
ControlPoint | COMPUTE and run reports for this activity. You will also have an assigned account manager, access to admin portals, and support from our service team 24x7!

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