Eliminate the headaches of ongoing maintenance and management of your IT systems with a best-in-class managed services solution!


...The Fundamental Problems Of Managing IT!


IT staff is overextended and can’t keep up with IT demand

Reacting to problems instead of strategizing to avoid them

Unable to follow IT Best Practices within your organization

No insight as to what your current technology is doing for you

Ongoing training, maintenance, and vendor management

With ControlPoint | MANAGE you receive:

  • Best-Practice and Proven approach to managing and maintaining your IT Infrastructure
  • Technical assistance for your non-technical and technical employees so they focus on revenue-generating activities
  • IT planning and budgeting to align with the needs of your organization
  • Prioritized support based on the urgency of the request
  • The support and services you need to handle your growth and emerging IT problems
  • A network administrator, security consultant and disaster recovery expert in one
Concerned about Response Time?

Don’t Be! LANAIR offers industry standard response times within your service level agreement ("SLA"). Our network operations center operates 24/7/365 to resolve any technology problems that arise in your business.

Concerned about our qualifications?

Don’t Be! Our team engineers have the highest competencies and technical strengths to fit your ever-changing IT needs. LANAIR holds 200+ certifications in next generation and industry leading technologies.

Concerned about the direction to take with your IT planning?

Don’t Be! LANAIR has Solution Architects that will provide both short- and long-term plans to align with what you need today so you can build for what is coming tomorrow. Don’t waste time spending money where you don’t need it!

Concerned about “Co-Management”?

Don’t Be! LANAIR has a proven track record of working with private and public businesses of all sizes and seamlessly integrating our teams to deliver unified support.

Onboarding Made Easy!


Step 1:

Complete a Complimentary Network Survey


Step 2:

Budgetary Review with a LANAIR Solutions Architect


Step 3:

Onboard and Go Live


What is ControlPoint | MANAGE?

LANAIR's Managed Services provides businesses the support and direction they need to thrive. We offer management and maintenance of the underlying infrastructure, along with end-user support and guaranteed SLAs. We have SOC certified data centers in Los Angeles, Nevada and Chicago that deliver a +99.9% uptime SLA!

What type of Managed Services do you provide?

  • Firewall Management
  • Network Management
  • Hyperconverged Systems Management
  • Critical Application
  • Complete Endpoint & User Management
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Unified Communications
  • Cloud Management