Managed Solutions Built on Trust, Transparency & Security

At LANAIR, security is a ‘Culture’, not a product or SKU.

Cybersecurity goes beyond investing in technology and security tools. We focus on making our entire Team the first line of defense through training and guidance on how to avoid different types of cyber threats and data breaches.

Our engineering team consists of some of highest qualified security and data protection solutions experts. They spend 7/24/365 developing customized security-focused ecosystems for our clients while managing and monitoring security threats before they even happen.

LANAIR has a portfolio of compliant integrated security solutions that includes but not limited to:

  • Complete Endpoint Security
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management
  • Security Information and Event Management
  • Data Protection, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Security
  • AirGap Technology
  • Incident Response
  • Next-Generation Secured Hardware Solutions

Our strong security culture has created a stronger trust and loyalty among our client base. Now more than ever we hope businesses take advantage of our expertise to make IT operation decisions that reduce and mitigate risk.

Compliance and Certification aligned with Industry Best Practices

LANAIR Technology Group adheres to compliance via numerous security and industry regulations, including those shown below:

  • img-aicpa-soc

    SOC 2®

    Report on Controls at a Service Organization Relevant to Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality or Privacy These reports are intended to meet the needs of a broad range of users that need detailed information and assurance about the controls at a service organization relevant to security, availability, and processing integrity of the systems the service organization uses to process users’ data and the confidentiality and privacy of the information processed by these systems. These reports can play an important role in:

    • Oversight of the organization
    • Vendor management programs
    • Internal corporate governance and risk management processes
    • Regulatory oversight

    Similar to a SOC 1 report, there are two types of reports: A type 2 report on management’s description of a service organization’s system and the suitability of the design and operating effectiveness of controls; and a type 1 report on management’s description of a service organization’s system and the suitability of the design of controls. Use of these reports are restricted.

  • img-msp-verify

    MSP Verify

    MSP Verify is a certification for managed service providers, designed to provide assurance, generate trust, and communicate transparency to consumers of managed IT services.

    MSPAlliance® MSP Verify is achieved by less than 2% of MSPs globally

At LANAIR We Focus On:


Knowing that our team is doing everything we can to ensure your data is secured and your systems are maintained allows you to focus on your business and eliminates many IT operations headaches.

Continous Improvement

LANAIR is constantly enhancing the value and service we provide to our clients. Allowing MSPAlliance to evaluate our internal processes and practices highlights our ongoing efforts toward this goal.


Businesses need assurance when it comes to matters of Cyber Security and IT Operations Risks. LANAIR is committed to being a trusted managed partner for organizations by providing recommendations, offering support, and keeping your business running.

Addressing Risk

LANAIR clients, across various industries, face a number of cyber security risks each and every day aimed at disrupting day-to-day operations. The LANAIR teams remains proactive in identifying, protecting, and responding to these risks.


These certifications are based on 10 control objectives of the Unified Certification Standard for Cloud and Managed Service Providers:

  • Confidentiality & Privacy
  • Governance
  • Service Operations Management
  • Corporate Health
  • Change Management
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Information Security
  • Data Management
  • Physical Security
  • Billing & Reporting

Certified by MSPALLIANCE®

MSPAlliance® is a global industry association and accrediting body for the Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and Managed Services Provider (MSP) industry. Established in 2000 with the objective of helping MSPs become better MSPs. Today, MSPAlliance has a robust and global reach of cloud computing and managed service provider members across the globe and works in a collaborative effort to assist its members, along with foreign and domestic governments, on creating standards, setting policies, and establishing best practices. Click here for more information.

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