LANAIR’s white-glove security solution securing your entire network, devices, and users continuously.


…The Complexity Of Securing Your Business!


Managing and protecting endpoints and email from malicious activity

Patching vulnerabilities to ensure threats are minimized

Securing Remote Access and providing compliance enforcement

Protecting sensitive data from cyber threats and remote hackers

24/7 Eyes-on-glass security monitoring of Infrastructure via SIEM-as-a-Service

With ControlPoint | Secure you are guaranteed:

  • Integrated Security Fabric from Endpoint to Perimeter.
  • Email Protection, including Encryption and Archiving.
  • Security Reports that align with your usage and industry.
  • A scalable solution that grows with your network (or traffic).
  • Faster response to threats via automation features.
  • Entire attack surface is covered from IoT to data center to the cloud.
  • The capability to run both internal and external vulnerability assessments that comply with security regulations.
  • Protection from malicious websites, attacks, and ransomware activities.
Concerned about endpoint security?

Don’t Be! LANAIR delivers visibility, compliance enforcement and automated response through our fabric-enabled approach and proactive endpoint defense.

Concerned about email security?

Don’t Be! LANAIR provides complete email protection that includes protection from malicious spam, virus and phishing attacks as well as solutions for encryption and archiving.

Concerned about securely accessing data onsite and/or offsite?

Don’t Be! LANAIR provides both secure remote access as well as inter-site connectivity to allow access to corporate data across multiple on-premise and cloud environments.

Concerned about not being able to detect suspicious activity and threats as they occur?

Don’t Be! LANAIR has a SIEM solution that recognizes changes in threat feeds, blacklists, and geolocations – with no delay a detailed report is created for you.

Concerned about updates and maintenance of software, applications and other technologies?

Don’t Be! LANAIR can install, deploy and update software across all endpoints with little to no downtime for your business.

Get a Security Plan in a Week


Step 1:

Implement a risk assessment and vulnerability test to account for all company assets.


Step 2:

Review analysis together and LANAIR will provide recommendations.


Step 3:

Create a protect, detect, respond and recover plan that works for your business.


What is ControlPoint | Secure?

LANAIR ControlPoint Secure architecture includes solutions for network, endpoint, application, data center, cloud and access points designed to work together as an integrated and collaborative Security Fabric.

What compliance certifications does ControlPoint Secure hold??


All ControlPoint | Secure assessments and reporting capabilities meet:

  • NIST

How will you ensure that we are part of our IT experience?

LANAIR has procedures in place to ensure that you are aware of all on-going security task. You will have an assigned account manager, access to admin portals, and support from our service team 24x7.

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