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Our Services

At LANAIR, we use our proprietary ControlPoint Platform to attend to all your IT needs. We have structured
our services to fulfill our main objective: To help you focus your customers and business outcome.

Sick of paying for IT services that don’t deliver real value to your business? Try LANAIR and experience the difference.

Finding the right managed services provider for your business can sometimes be an expensive headache. Many providers don’t have a good grasp of each client’s specific needs and only offer cookie-cutter solutions that sometimes end up hindering productivity instead of boosting growth. If these scenarios sound familiar to you, it’s time to switch to an IT partner that actually listens to your needs and knows what’s good for your business. That’s where LANAIR comes in.

We’ll always ensure we understand both your current challenges and long-term goals before recommending tailored IT services that can actually support them. With LANAIR as your IT partner, you only get scalable technology solutions that work for your business and are within your budget, implemented and managed by expert technicians for optimal benefits.


Choose Managed IT services from LANAIR and enjoy these game-changing advantages:

  • Maximized uptime – We’ll manage your entire infrastructure and resolve issues before they can become problems
  • Increased productivity – Better systems performance means your teams can work uninterrupted
  • Better client satisfaction – Faster and smoother services mean more happy customers
  • Huge cost savings – Our monthly pricing model guarantees easy budgeting and no surprise bills
  • Peace of mind – Work in confidence knowing our support specialists are on standby 24/7

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Why choose LANAIR?

Pragmatic. Efficient. Effective.

From our inception, LANAIR group has set out to provide services that help our customers focus on what matters. We will be pragmatic, efficient, and effective in how we design, implement, and manage customized IT solutions that help our clients achieve improved customer experience, better business outcomes, and the maximization of productivity.

As your dedicated technology partner, we intend to meet the needs of your business in an ever-changing environment and keep you ahead of the competition. Our success is measured by maintaining consistent IT uptime, while providing speed and simplicity to your business systems. If you are looking for an IT partner that helps you focus on what matters — choose LANAIR..

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