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Maximize Your IT Investment.
At LANAIR, we offer a wide array of consulting services that include defining your technology requirements, establishing IT budgets, developing plans & timelines for implementation and helping guide the critical path for your organization's technology decisions.

Improving the way you work.

You’re focused on innovating, but you’re only as great as your infrastructure allows. A well designed networking strategy allows you to enhance and improve your business.

To increase business agility and improve employee productivity, we design and implement networks that work for you, including:
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Local Area Networks
  • Metropolitan Area Networks
  • Wide Area Networks

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Always on. Always available.

Many of today’s users have never known a world without always-on and always-available IT resources at the tip of their fingers. This new generation of consumers is more dependent on IT systems and more self-reliant when it comes to supporting end user IT systems.

We know your expectations, and we focus on delivering solutions that exceed them. Better performance, better accessibility and better stability.

At LANAIR Group, we reduce costs by consolidating workloads on fewer servers, increase the availability of applications in your environment, and bolster efficiency with fast application deployment.

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Improve internal engagement & create better client experiences

LANAIR has a focused Microsoft practice to keep you active, responsive and dynamic. Are you taking advantage of them?
  • Active Directory
  • SQL
  • Exchange
  • Lync
  • IIS

We’ll give you the tools to connect better with customers and colleagues, collaborate with your team and manage it all with ease.

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Stay flexible and scalable

Your employees are creating data faster than ever before, driving up the need (and headaches) for more storage management.

At LANAIR, our team of Storage Specialists design and deploy storage systems that deliver the required performance in today’s rapidly changing environment. Our solutions don’t require a “rip and replace” methodology every 2-3 years, but are based on architecture that is scalable and flexible.

The result? You get the most efficient utilization of financial resources.

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Begin with the end in mind

Besides blood, sweat and tears, your business runs on IT. If that goes down, so does your business.

Our disaster recovery plans are centered around not just keeping your systems up and running, but on making applications available to internal and external users even during a systems failure or natural disaster.

LANAIR helps you to know with confidence that your data is protected and that your organization has a plan to overcome the disruption in a seamless and expeditious manner.

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