Stay Connected.
We deliver technologies that keep your employees, partners and clients connected. The right cloud solutions can increase engagement and drive productivity, improving the way you do business.

Scale matters.

Scalability. It’s what keeps your business flexible and keeps your business growing.

With our Hosted Infrastructure plans, we give you the ability to quickly grow your environment without the costs of an on premise data center (think power, cooling, spare parts and labor costs). You can still manage your own servers, or have our engineering team perform monitoring and management tasks so you can focus on continued growth.

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Centralized matters.

Cut IT expenses. Empower your users. Secure your data.

Using hosted desktops, you have easy, secure access to files and information without sacrificing performance. Virtual desktops move your entire computer to the cloud, so you and your employees can access it anywhere. And when everyone works from one hosted system, you all have access to the most recent versions of your files.

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Lose the server.

Time is money. So why are you spending time on managing your Exchange server?

Our satisfied clients tell us it’s not on their business growth “roadmap.” Is it on yours? A move to hosted exchange means you get the same benefits of Exchange without spending your time managing it. Instead you’re managing your business priorities.

LANAIR’s Hosted Exchange provides for the following:
  • a) 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • b) Housed in a Tier-4 data center
  • c) Anti-spam services included
  • d) Disaster Recovery backups

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Your Files. Anytime. Anywhere.  

The way you work is changing. No longer is the office the only place you work, and you need access to files no matter where you are. That’s why file sharing has become so popular. But as a business, you also need file sharing to be secure.

LANAIR’s CloudSync Files makes it easy to share and sync important data across multiple platforms while keeping security top priority. You can share files too large for email, collaborate with various team members and utilize storage for any project. Even on mobile devices.

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Design. Deploy. Manage.  

Whether you decide to host your environment on premise (private cloud), or move to one of LANAIR’s offsite data centers (public cloud), or you need a combination of both, we work with you to find the best solution.

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