Communication for a changing world.
We make communication easy. As a ShoreTel Champion Partner, we create customized, simple to use phone systems that give you flexibility in an ever-changing business environment.

On-premises, Hybrid & Cloud-based IP Telephony Solutions... One size does not fit all.

So exactly why do the large, multi-national telecommunication corporations (that frankly don’t give a damn) try to fit you into their "box"? They are profit-built.

Instead, we provide a purpose-built solution that fits the distinctive needs of your company. We look at your necessities and give you answers for on-site, virtual, cloud or hybrid environments.


We partner with ShoreTel. With ShoreTel, we can provide the highest user productivity, the easiest systems management and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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There’s no 'I' in 'Team'

You need much more than a dial tone, right? We’re in the age of smart-everything. It should apply to your business communications, too.
  • Do you ever need to contact one of your co-workers who is on a conference call?
  • Are the people you need in a meeting all working in different locations?
  • Need to send a quick Instant Message?
  • Looking for a conference call capability supported by your internal phone system that does not require additional expense for every conference?
  • Hoping to share your desktop during the conference?

You need a collaboration tool that makes your team self-reliant and productive. With ShoreTel, we take the hassles out of bringing teams together so you can focus on true creative sharing.

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Redefine the experience.

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device. Surely you’ve heard that acronym by now?

ShoreTel’s Mobility solution takes advantage of the best technology available.
  • Do you want to take a call while walking through the halls?
  • Walk out of your office while continuing your call and have it automatically move to the cellular network?
  • Do you want to call a client from your smart phone but show your company DID?
  • Want to call a co-worker by dialing their extension?

Productive and flexible? If you have the right phone system.

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System management, simplified.  

"Can you distribute calls to groups?"

- Our most common question about new phone systems.

Hunt groups, workgroups or a sophisticated Enterprise Contact Center; the ShoreTel solution provides it. We make it easy to learn and operate to help improve admin productivity, lower ownership costs and reduce the strain on your IT resources.

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